SMM Planning for Success in 2014: A Whitepaper Series for Meeting Pros

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Let me guess: You want to lose weight, spend more time with your family and friends, read more, etc.? Regardless, self-improvement is a shared goal for most of us, and its why many of us make New Year’s resolutions in the […]

Consistent Sourcing for Improved SMM

For the meetings industry, the days of mailing, faxing, even emailing supplier requests are fading and SMM is having more of a presence. With advancements of electronic submissions, it’s never been easier for planners to send multiple requests to multiple hotels. The caveat of such technology has created a […]

Leveraging Hotel Negotiations: Utilizing Internal Resources for Improved Savings

The inevitable shift in hotel rates marks the end of an era for the meeting industry, but optimism is on the horizon for this is a new beginning of unparalleled knowledge and organizational savings. Hotel rates have been climbing for quite some time, with the biggest jump in revenue […]

An Advanced Framework for Success in Social Media for Events and Event Professionals

The Why of Social Media
Varieties of businesses all over the world have recognized the multiplicative effects that social media for events can have on building recognition and awareness for one’s brand.  Just as many other companies are – your organization is probably already exploring the mass benefits of this […]

Standing Out Above the Rest with Powerful Event Registration Websites

Meeting planners are typically people who started in a single aspect of special events and then grew to coordinate entire events, and to providing one or more services for those events. As a general rule, most people agree that having a passion for event planning is a must, especially […]