Best Practices for Creating an SMMP | SignUp4

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Your company doesn’t currently have an SMMP program in place. However procurement and management are probing in to meeting spend and want to know what you are tracking and […]

Presentation Tips & Tricks for Event Professionals

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Brandt Krueger
Brandt is “the man on the headset” for most of metroConnections’ […]

Increasing Event Attendance Through Event Communities

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Event participants are increasingly looking for new ways to network and connect with the right participants at events to get greater ROI from events while event managers are looking […]

Social Media 101 for Event Professionals

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The Internet has shifted from a broadcast, one-to-many media to a social, one-to-one and many-to-many media. Leveraging social media for events can be critical to an event’s success. The […]

Powerful Event Website: How to wow them & drive attendance

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Do you struggle with creating an eye-catching, powerful event website that will leave a good impression with your attendees? Are you creating a website that will showcase your event? Can […]