Event Mobile App Basics: From Creation to Submission to Marketing

Event apps aren’t for all meetings and events but for those of you who know you’ve got tons of content to share, apps are a must-have. Making an app means you’re investing even more into your meeting, so it’s important […]

Strategic Meetings Management: Program Best Practices

Part 2 of Strategic Meetings Management: From Creation to Managing Mature Programs
Now you have an SMMP. What do you do with it? What data do you analyze? How do you report on it and what do you include in the […]

Group Travel Roundtable: Best Practices & Savings Opportunities

Budgetary pressure will never disappear, therefore finding opportunities for savings is a no-brainer. Also, we’re now experiencing a shift of meeting spend being directed toward the event and its content and less toward travel. So, if you manage your organization’s […]

Best Practices for Creating an SMMP | SignUp4

Your company doesn’t currently have an SMMP program in place. However procurement and management are probing in to meeting spend and want to know what you are tracking and how. Time to get a program in place. Join Missy Fusco, […]

Presentation Tips & Tricks for Event Professionals

Brandt Krueger
Brandt is “the man on the headset” for most of metroConnections’ large scale meetings and events, helping to produce hundreds of meetings and technical productions. When not calling shows, he leads metroConnections’ content creation services, providing presentation development, opening […]