Best Practices for Creating an SMMP | SignUp4

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Your company doesn’t currently have an SMMP program in place. However procurement and management are probing in to meeting spend and want to know what you are tracking and how. Time to get a program in place. Join […]

Presentation Tips & Tricks for Event Professionals

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Brandt Krueger
Brandt is “the man on the headset” for most of metroConnections’ large scale meetings and events, helping to produce hundreds […]

Increasing Event Attendance Through Event Communities

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Event participants are increasingly looking for new ways to network and connect with the right participants at events to get greater ROI from events while event managers are looking for ways to improve their event planning best practices. […]

Social Media for Events 101 for Event Professionals

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The Internet has shifted from a broadcast, one-to-many media to a social, one-to-one and many-to-many media. Leveraging social media for events can be critical to an event’s success. The shift has introduced new tools, techniques and opportunities for […]

Powerful Event Website: How to wow them & drive attendance

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Do you struggle with creating an eye-catching, powerful event website that will leave a good impression with your attendees? Are you creating a website that will showcase your event? Can you be sure that you are maximizing website functionality? […]