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Resources for social media event management professionals to help that next conference, meeting, or corporate event be well-organized, entertaining and stimulating. Discover tools, steps, webinars and just plain good advice that will allow your social media and marketing strategy reach its highest potential, return your investment and flow naturally.

#WhoToFollow: Top Twitter Followers From Our Community

by Ashley Carter
You may remember a post I made not too long about event industry hashtags. Back then, many of our readers were just scratching the surface of Twitter, and I think they’ve graduated […]

Kit: Complete Guide To Increasing Engagement Through Event Communities

by Ashley Carter
A Detailed Guide to Event Communities
The most important of all human motivations is the need for relationships and belongingness.  This sense of belongingness is what drives people to engage and become loyal […]

Social Media Marketing for Events: A Guide to Success

by Ashley Carter

Varieties of businesses all over the world have recognized the multiplicative effects that social media can have on building recognition and awareness for one’s brand. Just as many other companies are – […]

Kit: LinkedIn Tips for Event Professionals

by Ashley Carter

Not all social media efforts are created equal. The right platform will allow you to interact effectively with your current network and to develop new and relevant connections that may help you […]

Beyond Tweets and Likes: Advanced Social Media Techniques for Events Planners

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You know the social media for events basics: if people like your brand on Facebook and retweet […]