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Not Another Bleeding Heart

CNN Money is calling it, “the worst security hole the internet has ever seen.” If you’re like me, then you’re probably still scratching your head after news broke last week on the highly publicized […]

Timing Is Everything With Event Mobile Apps

True, not all events will require an app. In fact, for some audiences; an app may be rendered useless. But if most visitors to your event website are using mobile devices, then maybe an […]

How To WOW Them With Prezi: Presentation Technology Tips

How To WOW Them With Prezi: Presentation Technology Tips

Oh I’m sorry, we’re you saying something? This is probably not the phrase you want to hear after a ninety minute presentation, especially if you organized […]

Mastering Meeting Design or Die Trying: 3 Ways To Help You Improve

Brands like Google, Apple, and Samsung have all used design principles to craft a compelling story. So why can’t meetings have the same effect? With a laundry list of other responsibilities a meeting planner […]

Event Marketing with Videos: 4 Tips to Succeed

Event managers are tasked with many responsibilities, including event marketing, which today is much more than mass emails and promos. We’ve learned that in order to fare well in the minds of our audiences, […]