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Event Survey Best Practices

by Ashley Carter

Surveys are an important part of your event strategy. In addition to helping us gain effective insights from participants, they can also help shape future programs successfully. Surveys have many potential uses […]

Event Barcodes and Attendee Tracking

by Ashley Carter

Today, attendee tracking can be accomplished using a number of tools or methods. Digital wristbands and RFIDs are some of the latest we’ve seen, but unfortunately they come with a hefty price. […]

Top 7 Best Practices for Online Registration

by Ashley Carter

Without an online registration form, an event could never be complete. The beauty of having an online form as well as an event website, is that you can avoid human error and […]

Top 12 Green Meeting Posts from Around the Industry

by Ashley Carter

This month we’ve had sustainability on the brain. And why shouldn’t we? As such an impactful topic to our industry, we felt compelled to cover the things that matter most to our […]

11 Ways to Improve the Participant Experience

by Ashley Carter

Much of what worked ten or even five years ago has completely changed. We don’t have events anymore; we have experiences. And we don’t have attendees; we have participants. So, we can’t […]