Top Healthcare Meeting Priorities and Goals

by Christine DeFazio
Healthcare meetings are expected to grow in numbers and attendance. As such it’s becoming more critical to really focus not only on return but attendee visibility and travel. But why? Attendee visibility leads to further insight on who […]

4 Event Tech Trends You May See in 2015

by Chris Kennard

Year after year, new and exciting innovations arise within the technology industry, each with a variety of functions and applications that continue to help the event planning community. 3-D technology, video streams, flying drones, and registration software continue […]

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Crafting Successful Event Contracts

by Christine DeFazio

The foundation of a successful business event begins with a clear, well-written contract. The contract outlines the expectations and relationships between your team and the responsibilities of the venue. A thorough contract requires both preparation and proper foresight […]

SignUp4 Announces Upgraded Support Hours

by Christine DeFazio

SignUp4, a leading event management software provider, is pleased to announce their much anticipated new application support hours.

One of SignUp4’s core values is continuous improvement. After receiving client feedback of the need for longer support hours, the […]

Time Savings Opportunities with Online Event Registration Software

by Christine DeFazio

Time is not on your side and we completely understand. You need everything in clear, concise, snip-its. So why would an online event registration software provider force you to start building your event website from scratch (unless you […]