Part 2 of Strategic Meetings Management: From Creation to Managing Mature Programs

Now you have an SMMP. What do you do with it? What data do you analyze? How do you report on it and what do you include in the reporting? What are the best practices for the program? How do you keep management engaged? How do you increase value?

This intermediate course will cover the following topics:

  • Best practices of an SMMP
  • Data consolidation
  • Data analysis
  • Utilization of data
  • Cost savings
  • Reporting and engaging key management
  • Increasing value
  • Enforcing policy
  • Communication best practices
  • Review
  • Q & A

Missy Fusco

1a0fe31Missy Fusco has been in event planning/management for over 25 years. Starting by planning bus ski trips for her friends to upstate New York she realized that the detail involved was her passion. From there she went into corporate event planning which she did for more than 20 years spending the last 15 years working for a major financial company taking on not just event management but travel and expense management as well. She holds both her CMM in event management and CCTE in travel management.