The best 15 event planning blogs from SignUp4Why are blogs so important to event management professionals? Personally, I enjoy writing about this topic, because it’s not just one topic, it’s hundreds. One of the most significant lessons learned since Strategic Meetings Management Programs were first adopted, is that this industry is constantly and rapidly evolving at a rate that we must all grapple with. Couple this with the rate at which a meeting planner’s role is evolving, and it is no wonder event planning blogs have become a leading information source for event industry pros. Blogs work best when they focus on what matters most to the reader. With over 6.7 million blogging sites out there, how do you know which is good for your business? People from all fields and interests are successfully blogging with the hopes of connecting with readers just like you who have an insatiable hunger for knowledge. In this second installment, I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 blogs designed specifically for event planning and event management professionals. With categories ranging from technology to travel, these must-reads are sure to offer up something interesting and inspiring, and without further ado, here are your Top 15 Event Planning Blogs in no particular order….I leave that up to you.


1. Event Manager Blog

The best event manager blog according to SignUp4.

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2. Conferences That Work

Conferences That Work, one of the best event planning blogs according to SignUp4

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3. Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections

The Jeff Hurt blog Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections examines how smarter attendees make smarter conferences

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4. Liz King Events

This blog from Liz King Events looks at Boomset as an emerging event management technology

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5. Strategic Meetings Management Consulting

This event planning blog from SMM Consulting reviews risk management and your meetings policy

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6. Successful Meetings: How-To Tip of the Day

This event planning blog from Successful Meetings examines hotel negotiations

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7. MeetingsNet: Face2Face Blog

This MeetingsNet Face to Face Blog made Signup4’s top event planning blogs list

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8. Corbin Ball’s TechTalk Blog

This Corbin Ball Blog reviews crowdsourcing for events.

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9. PlannerWire

PlannerWire’s blog about packing tips for meeting planners made SignUp4’s top event planning blogs list.

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10. Smart Meetings Blog

This SmartMeetings blog on event planning news made the list of SignUp4’s best event planning blogs

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11. Event Leadership Institute

A great blog from the Event Leadership Institute about the top mistakes event planners make when ordering AV.

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12. BizBash Daily

One of the best event planning blogs from BizBash Daily for Fall Events in Atlanta.

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13. Special Events Blog

Special Events Blog on solving challenges at award ceremonies.

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14. Connect Meetings Blog

This Connect your Meetings Blog made Signup4’s best event planning blogs list!

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15. SignUp4’s EPIC Blog (Event Professionals Industry Communications)

SignUp4’s blog about the IMEX America 2013 event!

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The meeting and events industry is a difficult enterprise to navigate, but whoever you are, there is a definitive gain from reading/writing a blog, and that’s knowledge. The more you read and research, the more you will know, which if applied effectively, will make you a more successful person.