While the term “big data” is perplexing to most, it is this “big data” that will help meetings management organizations effectively adjust to new trends and opportunities on the maturing topic of Strategic Meetings Management (SMM).

In a recent eBook, Missy Fusco, CMM, CCTE, concluded, “The big difference that has occurred since the ‘AIG effect’ is that there is now more meaning and purpose to meetings. Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) is no longer an idea, but a significant reality.”  She went on to say that C-level executives are privy to the prevalence and necessary function of meetings.  Given this, tracking of events supported with substantial data has become ever so critical.

However, capturing savings and spend can be quite elusive and overwhelming for all parties involved. So how can we make it all easier to manage?  Amy Harris, CMP, SunTrust Bank, states, “Your meetings technology can benefit the data collection, but the process needs to be well thought out.”  She also concludes that one should: ask key questions, be selective about the data you collect, and keep it condensed, but be prepared with your meetings data regardless.

More importantly, before technology can be implemented, a well-designed meeting policy should be integrated into the process.  Collette Williams and Kari Wendel, SMMC CWT, commented that policies bring the entire program to life.  Without them, running into risks are eminent.  Having these guidelines provides a prescriptive way to achieve success, but they don’t have to be static.  Once you’ve created your meeting policies, they should be renewed on a regular basis.

Missy, Amy, Collette, and Kari, are also joined by other Strategic Meetings Management contributors in a recent eBook that explores the true value of meeting data including: meeting data basics, evaluating SMM programs, data collection plans, uncovering hidden costs and improving return, measuring ROI, and leveraging mature data moving forward.  To take a deep dive into this evolving topic, click the link below to download our latest eBook:

Meeting Data & Beyond: Demands, Strategies, Analysis, and Improvements

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