Creating a mobile app for your event has become an industry best practice. You will have more control over many aspects of your event and the app will allow for significantly improved attendee experiences. An ever growing demand for event professionals is to “do more with less”; you hear this all the time. Integrating your event planning apps with our event management software allows for a seamless integration of event specifics without having to duplicate your efforts. By designing your own customized event mobile app you now are one step closer to meeting this expectation.

Mobile Apps for Events

Challenges you may face involve Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, substantial printing costs, lack of attendee networking, and little time to manage it all. Your app is going to be the answer. Your attendees will love you for giving them every event detail right in their pockets and your sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors will appreciate the promotional love.

Whether you have a development/graphic design team or you’re working solo, no need to be intimated. Building your own app with rappidApp requires no HTML knowledge and you work at your own pace. You know your organization’s brand, objectives and mission so who better to have complete control?

rappidApp Express and rappidApp Pro

raxiconrappidApp Express and rappidApp Pro allow SignUp4 and rappidApp users to create, distribute, and manage unlimited apps for one flat-fee. rappidApp Express and rappidApp Pro event apps are available right away, with no need for approval or deployment build times. Users have the ability to share access to the app via a link without the need to list the app within app stores. rappidApp will also automatically create the branded download landing page for clients, saving time by removing an additional step.

Brand. Build. Engage. Measure.

BRAND your event planning apps with the same look and feel as your company website and event registration site. Carrying that consistency across all platforms further enhances your professionalism and brand.

BUILD your app with a user-friendly mentality. You have tons of event details to include in your app so present those details in a way that does not overwhelm your attendees. The app should be a convenient tool, not cumbersome hindrance. Create highly interactive native apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices without the need for developers or understanding how to code – No HTML knowledge needed.

ENGAGE in two ways: Drive attendee app adoption and attendee socialization. Promote your app prior to and during the event, even offer incentives to drive both participation and interaction. Improve the attendee experience and help attendees network before and during the event. If you’re a larger corporation, your attendees may not even know colleagues from other departments are attending.

MEASURE your event mobile app usage and adoption with integrated app analytics. How are attendees interacting with your app? And who, when, and where? These analytics will assist you in further improving your events and app building for future events as well as lead to increased app monetization and conversions. Pull demographic estimations, engagement benchmarks and attendee interests with ease.

Features of SignUp4’s Mobile Apps for Events

IntegrateEmsIntegrate with EMS



ExhibitFloorPlanExhibit Guide & Floor Plan

AssetLibraryAsset Library for Images

MonetizeandCoBrandMonetize & Co-brand


EmbedVideoEmbed Video

SocialFeedsIntegrate Social Feeds

QRCodeQR Code/Bar Code Scanner

RealTimeChangesReal-time Content Changes

SessionManagerSession Manager

DrillDownAnalyticsPowerful Analytics

AttendeeListDistributionAttendee List Distribution

LocalAreaInfoLocal Area Information

AgendaManagerAgenda Manager

ContentDistributionContent Sharing

Exhibitor_SponsorManagementSponsor Management

GamificationGamification (coming soon)

Why do we need mobile apps for events? Benefits Abound.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requires you to be accountable both socially and environmentally for your actions. Incorporating a mobile app into your events moves you one step further with respect to the role your organization’s event plays on the environment. Think sustainability and “Go Green.” Check with your organization to see if you already have a CSR policy in place. Most importantly, promote your efforts to stakeholders, vendors and attendees.
  • Carbon Footprint can be reduced by including specific maps, walking routes, and mass transit options for attendees visiting from out of town. The app also dramatically reduces the need for printed materials and the energy required to produces those pieces. Get creative – consider planting a tree for every attendee who adopts your app (great promotion idea!).
  • Dramatically reduce those high printing costs. With quality printing ink costing as much as caviar, converting your event’s collateral, advertising, and attendee guides into a mobile format is a no-brainer. On average, how much do you spend on printing per event? Now imagine that total being dramatically reduced by half or more! Also, your attendees will love you for not making them carry around those heavy event programs.
  • Sustainability, with its growing popularity, is a challenge every event professional faces. When designing your sustainability meeting policy you can incorporate your mobile app into the environmental impact area of the plan. The app is a significant tool in driving that Go Green objective. Clearly define your objective, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics for defining success and most importantly involve your sponsors and vendors. This is also a huge press opportunity! Share your plan and later your success. Include details such as amount of money saved, number of trees saved, and CO2 minimized, just to name a few.
  • Offset costs with advertising revenue. Your app can act like a promotional hub for exhibitors, sponsors, and even hotels. Offer packages and promote early on in the planning stage. You can drive additional revenue and your sponsors will experience unparalleled lead generation opportunities even if attendees don’t have a chance to stop by their booth. Monetize by charging for your event app if you have a large crowd.
  • Economical marketing opportunities for you and attendees. Integrating social feeds into your app will allow for up-to-the-minute promotions, announcements and notifications. Your attendees can also quickly share their event experiences, commentary and photos.
  • Significant time savings will allow you to focus more on attendee experience. With event management integration you no longer have to duplicate your efforts. You can choose what information needs to be pulled from your Event Management System into your mobile app. Need to share an attendee list to drive networking, no problem. Breakout session details or event agenda – go for it!
  • Attendee communication will be easier than ever before. With real-time updates, any changes to your event, sessions, presenters, and so forth will be instantly updated on the app. Also incorporating a FAQ section will be a customer service lifesaver. Save your attendees from having to locate staff onsite to answer their questions. With a detailed FAQ tab, you’ll increase time and energy savings for both attendees and staff. And for those not familiar with the area, an interactive map will be handy for locating hotels, dining, points of interest, transportation and entertainment.

Native Explained

Native applications are those that are designed for a specific device and allow users to download (directly to their device) a version of the app that will allow for it to use the most current technology (native technology) available on their device to most efficiently run the app. Attendees can download your app via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This offers a major advantage over web apps or cloud apps. Native apps also generally run much faster than web apps and with promotion in app stores are more easily found. Any changes made to the app will update in real-time and you will not need to resubmit to app stores because native apps send push notifications. When creating your app, you will design/submit a version for each device which will allow attendees a rich user experience with the most effective app for their mobile device. Internet connectivity within venues and convention centers is an industry-wide issue. With native apps, you can still provide your attendees the most current event details even if Wi-Fi connectivity is spotty.

The Build

Whether we build your event app or you decide to manage this must-have feature, do not be intimidated. Our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is similar to a Word document and very familiar to most professionals. You’ve planned this event from the ground up, so you know what details are a must-have. Time to jump in …

  1. Clearly define timeframe including planning, creation, submission & additional re-submission time should the need arise
  2. Define your app objective(s)
  3. Gather must-have details
  4. Determine platforms for submission
  5. Map out your design
  6. Work with Marketing/Design team to establish company style guides for accurate branding
  7. Download preview app to review your work as you go
  8. Begin building (with WYSIWYG editor, HTML, CSS, and more)
  9. Constantly test, test, & test again
  10. Have questions? Mobile specific support is here to help.

Are you part of the industry’s Best-In-Class?

Mobile apps for events are an industry best practice and are here to stay. Integrating your app with the Event Management System is just the beginning for your SMMP. To drive the most value from your meetings and events, you’ll want to consider integrating a travel and spend component to achieve maximum potential.
Users of end-to-end technology, meaning beyond just event management systems, have driven 73% higher realized and implemented cost savings than all other companies. In comparison to non-users, they also see:

  • 59% higher consistent sourcing processes
  • 50% more real-time visibility into enterprise-wide calendar of events
  • 46% more visibility into event spend against budget
  • 42% higher ability to leverage attendee information for future events

Are you ready to join this elite group of SMM professionals? Start leveraging event, travel and spend management technology today.
Learn more about the SignUp4 Meeting Intelligence Suite of products and how they work in unison to provide you with the most powerful SMMP.

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