Creating a mobile app for your event has become an industry best practice. You will have more control over many aspects of your event and the app will allow for significantly improved attendee experiences. An ever growing demand for event professionals is to “do more with feature.customContentless”; you hear this all the time. Integrating your event app with your event management software allows for a seamless integration of event specifics without having to duplicate your efforts. By designing your own customized app you now are one step closer to meeting this expectation.

Challenges you may face involve Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, substantial printing costs, lack of attendee networking, and little time to manage it all, just to name a few. Your app is going to be the answer. Your attendees will love you for giving them every event detail right in their pockets and you sponsors and speakers will appreciate the promotional love.

Whether you have a development/graphic design team or you’re working solo, no need to be intimated. Building your own app with RappidApp requires no HTML knowledge and you work at your own pace. You know your organization’s brand, objectives and mission so who better to have complete control over every design aspect?

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