The U.S. Travel Association accounts for $99 billion spent on meetings, events and incentive travel. It’s no surprise that Travel & Expense management is an area travel managers struggle with across their organizations when trying to achieve more compliance to travel policies. With corporate travel planning as one of the most costly expenses for events, you need the most reliable platform to support your efforts and increase control.

Increase Savings & Reduce Workload With Our Travel Software

Creating more intelligent travel also includes improving traveler satisfaction. Across the board, event professionals know that creating the best attendee experience is a key driver for a successful meeting or event. Travel efficiency therefore is a major influencer on the overall attendee experience and can set the tone for your event.

When it comes to corporate travel planning, we’re kind of a big deal! Unlike any other meetings management providers, SignUp4’s travel management solutions allow you to integrate directly into the Global Distribution System (GDS) reducing your workload and dramatically increasing savings opportunities. As a result, you also have instant access to up-to-the-minute reporting and real-time flight tracking. These powerful tools will help you dramatically reduce and stay on top of booking errors, immediately adjust logistics, and offer much needed meetings visibility. Give your attendees the best possible first impression and ensure your travel logistics are near perfect.


Travel reporting can easily become an overwhelming process involving multiple stakeholders and spreadsheets. With our pre-designed reports, you are able to track travel spend, compliance, attendee travel details, itinerary histories, and identify trends and deviations within your organization. The Travel Management Dashboard is your hub for all things travel.

GDS Integration. Direct GDS integration into major systems including Sabre, Amadeus, and Travelport allow you to have instant, on demand access to attendee PNR information. Best of all, we do not charge additional PNR retrieval fees when you want to pull your data.

  • Once attendees enter their travel data via the event registration form, travel preferences are either automatically emailed to your travel agent responsible for booking or the information goes directly to your booking tool and allows attendees to book their travel via Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Every hour, the SignUp4 travel management solution checks your Pseudo City’s queues pulling PNR data and matching to your attendees by Attendee ID. If the attendee ID is not on the PNR the system will still pair to registration by matching personal information such as name, phone number, address, and travel dates.
  • Have attendees booking outside of your organization’s process? Conveniently upload PNRs to ensure you have a complete arrival/departure manifest.
  • Matched & Unmatched PNR reporting allows you to see who:
    • Registered but did not book flight arrangements
    • Booked outside of your organization’s travel policy
    • Booked outside of the event date range
  • Pull reports to see attendees without travel. They may have a reason for not booking or just completely overlooked this section of your registration form (if not required). Either way, you can track this group. Reconciling unmatched PNRs will also allow you to see who booked travel but did not register.
  • Travel Exception Report shows arrival/departure times that do not match hotel check-in/check-out dates. Attrition is a feared word in the event industry and this report will be your new best friend. Quickly catch booking errors early on and dramatically reduce costly attrition rates for your hotel room blocks.

Booking Tool Integration. With booking tool integration including GetThere, Deem, Concur, and NuTravel event professionals can instantly tie attendee registration data directly into their booking tools to streamline processes and drive compliance as well as pre-travel authorization processes. Without the need to manually update travel records and import itineraries, planners save significant time.

FlightStats. FlightStats is a powerful tool that gives you instant access to attendees’ flight statuses. This is every event professional’s dream because it is your eye in the sky! Weather is unpredictable but your logistics do not have to suffer. With unprecedented flight insight and arrival/departure manifests at your fingertips, you can make last minute adjustments to rearrange ground transportation, know who might need a late night pick-up (down to the number of minutes) and who may unfortunately miss your event if weather is severe or there is an unpredictable circumstance. You could say this is also an ideal contingency planning tool.

Change History Report. Change History Report will show any changes made to your attendees’ PNRs. You have the option to sort by hotel, passenger, car, ticketing or any combination of these filters. This report within our travel management solution provides deeper insight into travel expense fluctuations. For example the first time your attendee books their flight it may cost your organization $250, but if they go back and make changes for a different departure date and the cost jumps to $450, you will be able to track where this $200 increase occurred. Now imagine having this capability for every attendee for every event.

Risk Management. Travel risk management involves the monitoring and prevention of numerous event hazards. With the Flight Risk Report you can easily view how many attendees from each organization are on the same flight. You can view their name, title, division and organization for drill-down analytics. Keep organizations informed of how many executives are on each flight and track any major potential risks should something go wrong with the flight.

Communications. Travel communication has never been easier. Because we integrate directly to GDS and have up-to-the-minute flight details that live within the Travel Management System, you are able to automatically (or manually) issue detailed confirmation emails. Embed mail merge codes and distribute complete, unique itineraries and filter “Send To” by attendee or payment contact.

SMM Best-In-Class Drive Higher Revenue. Are you ready?

Integrating your Event Management and Travel Management Systems is a no-brainer. Your attendees will experience first-class transportation and booking and you will have a streamlined corporate travel planning process for managing compliance and savings. The question is – how will you manage savings, leverage negotiations, and consistently meet procurement’s demands?
Aberdeen’s SMMP Best-In-Class are users of end-to-end technology, meaning they have the full suite of products from Event, Travel and Spend Management as well as mobile apps in place. In comparison to non-users, they see:

  • 59% higher consistent sourcing processes
  • 50% more real-time visibility into enterprise-wide calendar of events
  • 46% more visibility into event spend against budget
  • 42% higher ability to leverage attendee information for future events

ROI is no longer a feared word with the help of SMS. Are you ready to join this elite group of SMM professionals?
Learn more about the SignUp4 Meeting Intelligence Suite of products and how they work in unison to provide you with the most powerful SMMP.

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