An example event registration software form for a 2015 Golf ChallengeHaving the ability to quickly and efficiently build online event registration forms to meet your objectives and brand presence allows you to dedicate more time to endless other tasks. Don’t lose registrants due to confusing and overwhelming event registration forms. SignUp4’s online event registration software streamlines this process for you and your attendees.

Simplified Event Registration Forms

Occasionally forms need to be lengthy to capture vital attendee details from food preferences to travel arrangements; however, your attendees will not have to suffer. With our conditional logic, the form will remain condensed and will progressively morph as their answers change. Improved end-user experiences will certainly drive improved attendance rates. Registration forms can be single page or multiple pages depending on your preference.

Brand. Build. Engage.

BRAND your event registration page to match your customized event website, mirroring your organization’s existing look.

BUILD a user-friendly event registration form that will simplify the process for you and your registrant. Capture every detail while not frustrating your registrants and causing unnecessary bounce rates from the form.

ENGAGE your potential attendees with an event registration page that is not overwhelming. Driving traffic to your event website is one challenge, getting them to register is another. Clearly label what is required and define your attendee types to create custom question variations.

Event Registration Software Opportunities



  • Conditional Logic creates condensed, morphing forms
  • Personalize pages with custom fields
  • Register groups of attendees to speed up registration process
  • Allow attendees to update their own registration details
  • Set automated notifications based on registration data

IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETINGImprove Communications & Marketing


  • Customized, automated emails create anticipation and buzz before & after your event
  • Send mass updates & notifications
  • Email can be uniquely personalized to include specific attendee information
  • Create customized, branded invitations with pre-populated attendee data

How To Efficiently Incorporate Travel, Hotel, & PaymentHOW TO EFFICIENTLY INCORPORATE TRAVEL, HOTEL, & PAYMENT


  • Direct GDS integration for booking travel
  • Set travel date ranges to prevent booking outside event dates
  • Integrate hotel room blocks to control attrition
  • Multiple properties can be included within the registration form
  • PCI compliant for payment collection
  • Major payment gateways including PayPal’s PayPro Flow,, Verisign and Vanco

MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY & PRODUCTIVITYMaximize Efficiency & Productivity


  • Use of spreadsheets is dramatically reduced – – less clutter and chance for errors
  • Improved communication between departments, team members and stakeholders are a click away
  • Exceptional efficiency with registration information collection means less mistakes for attendees and your team
  • Hotel and travel arrangements are included in the registration process and can be captured all at once, not making it an additional task for you or your attendees


You know the details you need to capture and the attendee types if applicable (VIP, C-Levels, etc.) Now you must create the ultimate registration form as well as overall registration process. From registration, to updates, to check-in, you have complete control of your attendees’ experiences. SignUp4’s online event registration software will also reduce overwhelming spreadsheets, confusion, and staff recruitment in developing the most effective, detail oriented registration form.

CUSTOM BADGES. Design custom badges from the gathered registration information quickly & easily, in advance or on-site. Badges no longer act as merely a name tag; they’re a networking tool if properly designed. Incorporate QR codes, an interesting fact about the attendee, or a question to ask the attendee about their role, organization, background, etc. Get creative!

ROOMMATE CENTER. Pairing hotel roommates manually based on pre-set criteria and attendee preferences takes hours and mistakes could be costly. Our event management software’s Roommate Center automates the process of matching roommates. We use attendee registration data to assign appropriate matches, saving time and reducing chances of mismatching or double matching. Easily set roommate selection/availability criteria based on any combination of attendee registration data. Our auto-match feature will instantly match all attendees, or any attendees who did not select a roommate at registration.

HOTEL CENTER. Hotel Center will assist you with accommodation logistics and cost control. Hotel pickup and change history reporting provide accurate hotel block inventories and hotel changes. Have multiple properties for your event or meeting? Not a problem. Build out your room blocks with specific check-in and check-out dates to prevent booking outside of event dates and gain more control.

FORM BUILDER. Designing registration forms that reduce registration time will benefit the planner and attendee. SignUp4’s Form Builder will seamlessly guide you through the creation process so no detail gets overlooked. Collect pertinent data one time and say “goodbye” to endless spreadsheets.

SESSION MANAGER. Whether you have breakout sessions, training courses, or excursions, Session Manager will assist you with building this section into your registration. No need to manage this aspect separately, doubling your work and missing out on maximum attendance opportunities. Even pick and choose which attendees can see particular sessions. Gain control and prevent over booking or double booking.

DASHBOARD. Within one comprehensive dashboard you can now manage all attendee data, modify or cancel registrations. You can even allow your attendees to make their own updates and save yourself countless hours. Our goal is to help you save time, money and energy.

SURVEYS. Surveys are an industry best practice. Whether you want to send pre-event surveys to more efficiently gauge your attendees’ needs or post-event to measure your Return on Investment (ROI) or Return on Objective (ROO), the power is at your fingertips with SignUp4’s event registration sofware. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain valuable feedback to make this and future events a complete success. SignUp4 specializes in Meeting Intelligence and we want you to as well!

CONDITIONAL LOGIC. Conditional Logic will make for the best end-user experience creating morphing forms as they move through the questions – only ask registrants questions applicable to that particular attendee type. You need tons of tiny details about your attendees, but don’t make them suffer. Creating these condensed forms will initially present the registrant with a shortest form possible and as they navigate, the form will continue to be customized to their responses. Be kind to your potential attendees – drive attendance quickly. Dramatically save time with drag and drop functionality for speedy registration form creation. To help get you started, we have created a long list of industry standard questions for which you can simply drag onto your form. Of course, you can create your own questions and change the names of fields as you wish them to appear to your attendees and in your reporting.

TEMPLATES. No HTML knowledge? No worries. We offer pre-designed templates to quickly get you started down the design path. Have an in-house team? Perfect! The sky is the limit. Add flash or videos or any other interactive art. You have complete control.

PAYMENTS. Collect payments from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re setting up complex discounts for purchasing multiple registrations, or accepting security deposits for housing, there is little that cannot be done within your registration form. SignUp4 is PCI Compliant, providing you the highest quality of secure payment processing. Need a shopping cart feature within your event website? Not a problem. SignUp4 has integration with major payment gateways and best of all – there are no additional transaction fees.

TRAVEL INTEGRATION. Take advantage of the Travel Management System (TMS) and incorporate attendee travel booking into the event registration process. Directly link to a variety of major online booking tools or have attendee travel preferences sent to your preferred travel agency for booking. Allow attendees to book travel immediately after registering for an event via automatic e-mail to a travel agent or direct online booking tool integration.

KIOSK. Unparalleled attendee experience is everything so the check-in process needs to be on point. With SignUp4’s Kiosk tool this is a snap. With Kiosk you can create designated self-check-in areas where attendees can check-in on tablets or if you have the manpower, get your staff scanning. Man them with tablets and wireless Bluetooth scanners and check-in attendees faster than ever! Instantly you can see who is a new attendee, who has already checked-in and keep tabs on how many people are inside your event.

EMAILS. Event marketing and communication is a driving force in the success of your meeting or event. During the registration creation process, you can create triggers for sending automatic confirmations, notifications and important updates with our event registration software. Choose to send automatic emails or update specific groups with mass emails to ensure they are aware of any urgent news. Customize the emails to include individual attendee details based on their registration information. Design confirmations beyond just standard registration information – include such items like hotel information, flight information, roommate options, food preferences, and session/activity registration details. Link emails to social channels to drive traffic to your up-to-the-minute posts about your event or to promote networking among your attendees.

Beyond Event Management: Join the Best-In-Class

The Event Management System is just the tip of the iceberg for event professionals. To drive the most value from your meetings and events, you’ll want to consider integrating a travel and spend component to achieve maximum potential.
Users of end-to-end technology, beyond just online event registration software, have driven 73% higher realized and implemented cost savings than all other companies. In comparison to non-users, they also see:

  • 59% higher consistent sourcing processes
  • 50% more real-time visibility into enterprise-wide calendar of events
  • 46% more visibility into event spend against budget
  • 42% higher ability to leverage attendee information for future events

Are you ready to join this elite group of SMM professionals? Start leveraging event, travel and spend management technology today. And don’t forget your mobile app!
Learn more about the SignUp4 Meeting Intelligence Suite of products and how they work in unison to provide you with the most powerful SMMP.

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