You’ve heard that SignUp4 is the right provider for your strategic meetings management needs. How can you be sure?

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How does SignUp4 differ from StarCite, Cvent, RegOnline and other event management software in the industry?
SignUp4 is a “pure play” provider of comprehensive event registration software solutions for a broad range of strategic meetings management needs. Unlike some of its larger competitors, SignUp4 does not serve as a destination bookings broker or travel industry market‐maker, choosing to avoid the often conflicting interests that these competitors juggle in trying to serving both sides of the vendor negotiation equation simultaneously.
How are SignUp4’s products delivered to its customers?
SignUp4 delivers on-demand software that is accessible via a secure website. This not only provides easy customer access from anywhere there is Internet access, but also enables the company to provide ongoing maintenance and new service upgrades at no cost to customers.
How does SignUp4 handle customer support?
New SignUp4 users will be enrolled into our OnBoarding Program whose mission is to facilitate client proficiency. Users will also have access to a wealth of learning materials within the SignUp4 University system, including: live/online instructor-led courses, getting started and quick tip videos, user community forum, and an extensive help document library. Ongoing customer support is delivered by the company’s own in‐house team of event management and travel planning experts.
Who are SignUp4’s customers and where does the company sell its products?
SignUp4’s products are used by a wide range of large to medium enterprises, including over 30 Fortune 100 companies. From corporations to associations, users span over 22 countries around the globe. We also work with many third party service providers including travel agencies and independent meeting planners. Want to know more? Visit our Success Stories and Partners page.
How often do you release new products?
Our software development methods focus on agility and flexibility. Every quarter, the SignUp4 team releases new product features and functionality to assist and improve user experiences.
How do you research the marketplace for ideas for new functionality?
We conduct surveys from our client and prospect base to understand what their current needs are as the industry continues to evolve.  We also look to our User Community for suggestions.
Do I need to know how to write in html code in order to build a registration site?
No.  The application is built for the non-technical user.  Therefore, anyone with basic windows knowledge will have the ability to build websites with our technology.
Can I mimic my corporate website with your online registration application?
Yes, SignUp4′s event registration software offers a build-your-own template so you can have an online registration site that looks exactly like your corporate website.  Please keep in mind that this will require a user with a higher understanding of html.
Does SignUp4 offer a hotel sourcing or eRFP tool?
Yes, SignUp4 does offer a sourcing application for eRFPs. This system allows the meeting planner to search our NSO (National Sales Office) database, send requests to multiple vendors, and receive bidirectional updates in real-time.
The difference between SignUp4 and other applications offered in the industry is that we do not charge the hotels to be a part of the database- either by advertising or commissions.  We feel the client will get will get the best possible quote from the hotel if they are not paying SignUp4 any fees.
Does SignUp4 offer an application where I can track my meeting spend and budgeting?
Yes, SignUp4’s Spend Management System allows event professionals to collect meeting spend data to drive compliance and recognize measurable savings.
If I use your Travel Management System am I going to be charged PNR transaction fees?
No, SignUp4 is directly integrated to all the major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) such as: Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo, TravelPort, and Worldspan.  This allows users to access and report on travel data without incurring transactional fees.
Is your application integrated with online booking tools?
Yes, SignUp4 has partnered with all major booking tools including: GetThere, Reardon, and Concur. Integration with these tools allows meeting attendees to be passed directly into the desired booking tool from the registration form.
How does the SignUp4 pricing structure work?
SignUp4 offers an unlimited usage model.  We DO NOT charge per registration or per event.  With an unlimited user license you receive unlimited events and online registrations for a low, flat fee.
Do you have the ability to generate custom reports for any question on the registration form?
Yes, you can quickly pull registration data, compile it into one centralized report, and export it in a variety of formats.  Additionally, you are able to send out a link for reports made public to anyone you choose and have the information updated in real-time.
Can I process payments for my event registrations with SignUp4 and are there charges associated?
Yes, you can process payments for your events through our event registration software and we don’t charge any fees. The two things you need in order to make this possible are a merchant account and a gateway account such as Ogone, PayPal’s Payflow, and
With which Global Distribution Systems (GDS) do you integrate?
We integrate with Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre, Travelport, and Worldspan.
Is your system “Template” driven?
Yes, and they are highly customizable.  You can create fully branded event websites that deliver an interactive and engaging attendee experience. You can also create dynamic content pages highlighting all of the activities and information surrounding an event, from the agenda, to transportation, to hotel information.
Where is SignUp4’s Client Services staff based?
SignUp4’s training and support staff is located in our Atlanta, GA-based headquarters.
How easy is it to learn the application?
Upon entering into an agreement with SignUp4, your account is activated and ready-for-use immediately.  Typically our clients are trained and using the application efficiently within the first 2-4 weeks of joining SignUp4.