SignUp4 is a meeting planning software provider founded in steep history and experience.  We’d love to share our time-line.  See why we’ve got the expertise to serve you:

1996: A team of specialized meeting planners addresses the needs of corporate meeting planners and travel agencies during the 1996 World Olympic Games in Atlanta.  Spurred by the knowledge obtained through hands-on experience, and the success fostered in facilitating numerous requests, SignUp4’s to-be founders set out to design and develop an innovative solution for meeting planning, registration and information management.

1999: SignUp4 is founded by the team of meetings management and software development experts who recognized the growing potential of the emerging World Wide Web as a powerful force in connecting and organizing business activities across the globe.  A revolution in meeting planning software is born.

2000: The Company’s flagship product, the SignUp4 Event Management System™, is rolled out in December, and immediately adopted by a number of Fortune 500 companies.  The ease-of-use, enterprise-wide visibility and cost-savings provided by this initial meeting planning software pioneered an entirely new class of business intelligence tools – strategic meetings management.

Today:  SignUp4 provides a comprehensive array of innovative products, technologies and services, that enable meeting planners and travel planners to dramatically improve the entire meeting planning process while maximizing the return on their meetings spend investment.  Through open and collaborative working relationships with its customers and industry leading partnerships, SignUp4 continues to fuel ongoing new product innovations and customer-focused services.