Kit: Social Media Success for Event Marketers

Varieties of businesses all over the world have recognized the multiplicative effects that social media can have on building recognition and awareness for one’s brand. Just as many other companies are – your organization is probably already exploring the mass benefits of this social phenomenon. Assuming you’ve learned the […]

Kit: LinkedIn Essentials for Event Professionals

Not all social media efforts are created equal. The right platform will allow you to interact effectively with your current network and to develop new and relevant connections that may help you grow your business. Many companies struggle with where to focus their efforts, because of the volume of […]

Increasing Event Attendance Through Event Communities

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Event participants are increasingly looking for new ways to network and connect with the right participants at events to get greater ROI from events while event managers are looking for ways to improve their event planning best practices. […]

6 Steps to Responding to Negative Comments on Social Media for Events

We all dread hearing that negative sentiment online, but there is no sense in turning our back to it. As event planners, it’s always important to manage your reputation online. Conversations about your brand, whether positive or negative, are happening whether we want them to or not. Even so, […]

Social Media for Events 101 for Event Professionals

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The Internet has shifted from a broadcast, one-to-many media to a social, one-to-one and many-to-many media. Leveraging social media for events can be critical to an event’s success. The shift has introduced new tools, techniques and opportunities for […]