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Social Media For Events: Tips & Trends for Eventprofs

by Ashley Carter

I’ve had a torrid affair with social media for the greater part of a decade and learned some invaluable lessons along the way. I have had my fair share of successes and failures, but I learned that […]

[Infographic] Why Eventprofs Should Be Using LinkedIn

by Ashley Carter

What was once considered the “resume-builder” of social sites has now come to pass as the #1 professional networking social media platform. This Infographic outlines some of the changes we’ve seen in LinkedIn usage and adoption and […]

Made To Save: How To Make The Most Out Of Meeting Travel Management [Whitepaper]

by Ashley Carter

It’s time for a change, but you have a choice. Stick to the familiar basics of managing travel, or employ new tools and strategies? By adapting to changing technologies and evolving traveler needs, program managers are […]

[Guide] 6 Steps To Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

by Ashley Carter

Look at LinkedIn as a way to position yourself and your organization as thought leaders in your niche. Share highly relevant and helpful information on a regular basis with your network. The more purposeful the information is […]

Research Best Practices When Purchasing Event Registration Technology [Webinar]

by Christine DeFazio

Earn one (1) credit hour in Strategic Planning by viewing this webinar.*
Whether you’re with a current event registration technology provider or shopping for a first time provider, the search can be overwhelming. You need to have your […]