Top Event Tech News

You may have recently heard some chatter about events and technology. Not surprising. The meeting and event industry has continuously shown up in newsfeeds all over the world. And like many others, meeting professionals have made technology and trends their own by incorporating them into every aspect of the planning process. So, just to get the creative juices flowing and remind you that everything you do is relevant, I came up with this list of top stories of the week that I wanted to share.

Flight Fight Over Legroom Results In Emergency Landing

This past Sunday, an argument erupted between two passengers aboard a United Airlines over seat reclining. One female passenger was unable to recline her seat after the man sitting behind her installed a little device known as the “Knee Defender”, which prevents passengers from being able to recline their seats. After being asked several times, by the female passenger and by the flight staff, to remove the device, the man refused. According to fellow passengers, the woman ended up throwing water in the man’s face, resulting in an emergency landing decision made by the pilot. Both were asked to remove themselves from the flight. The question remains that although this device exists, is it right or wrong for someone to use it? My belief is that when you purchase an airline ticket, you have the right to use everything that comes along with that ticket, including the ability to recline. If passengers require more legroom, then I suggest either requesting to sit in an exit row where the seats don’t recline or spend a few extra bucks on first class. There’s plenty of room up there.

Breaking Bad News to Everyone Else at the Emmys

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Emmy Awards this past Monday, allow me to fill you in…Breaking Badpretty much stole the show by sweeping the entire drama category, taking home four major awards and countless nominations. After a seven year run, Breaking Bad, became one of the most talked about and most watched TV dramas. Not to mention, the last episode aired almost a year ago, and it is still winning awards. I guess now I’ll have to watch an episode, or two, or all.

California Flips the Switch on Smartphone Manufacturers

California passed a law this week stipulating that all smartphones manufactured and sold within the state’s borders must include anti-theft software. Basically, what the software does is prevents unauthorized users from accessing the phone’s data by wiping it’s memory. This process is reversible, so if the device was lost temporarily by the actual user, they are able to reinstall the phone’s memory and data. This software already exists on major devices including Apple and Android, but the feature is optional. After July 1, 2015, this will no longer be an option but a requirement for all carriers to have and for each device to activate by default. Besides Apple and Google, who make up the majority of the smartphone market, other providers such as HTC, Nokia, US Cellular, and LG have also jumped on board and will make preparations to comply by next year’s date.