FeaturedImageSize“By 2015, 91% of hotels will have a mobile website”, reports the 2nd annual Customer Engagement Technology Study 2013.  Similar to last year’s findings, mobile technology continues to stay at top of mind in the hotelier’s perspective.  Execs from 5,705 hotels worldwide were included in this year’s study from all market segments. Based on their responses, there were 4 main areas of adoption to new engagement in corporate travel planning that are expected to increase by 2015, as hotels look to attract a younger audience and generation of travelers:

  • Mobile Website – 91%
  • Mobile App – 75%
  • Digital Signage – 66%
  • Check-In on Guest’s Mobile Phone – 58%

Of those surveyed, investments in both mobile websites and mobile apps will continue to increase. Seemingly, mobile websites are a priority for hotels as they are the preferred option for many guests. That being said, internet bandwidth and the role of IT, should be major concerns for hotels as well.

Digital signage ranked third in the study including: event listings, weather and news feeds, and maps.

Mobile check-in technology, such as tablets and kiosks, are expected to grow amongst hoteliers in the coming years, but tablet technology is ex­pected to grow at a much faster rate.

Another area of corporate travel planning expected to be highly impacted in years to come is social media integration as an interactive loyalty programs. Hotels use social media and gamification tactics to promote special offers, to engage customers in on-going con­versations, and to even to integrate their loyalty programs. Based on the responses received in this study, the following social media networks were expected to have the highest impacts on hotels through 2015:

  • Facebook (98%)
  • TripAdvisor (95%)
  • Twitter (81%)
  • LinkedIn (73%)
  • Pinterest showed the biggest gain, moving from hotel adoption rates of 17% in 2012 to 44% in 2013.

With the convergence of mobile and social, consumer engagement technologies are moving the industry toward positive change.  Enhanced customer feedback, real-time responses, and technology performance will be among the main outliers in forming a well-rounded guest experience.  Good luck to those embracing the future. To infinity and beyond!

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