Custom URLs allow you to link to outside sites. For example, allow your attendees to check the local weather.

Using the public kiosk tool, our clients can create public kiosks on nearly any device connected to the internet! A few ideas on how to best use the event registration tool are listed below:

1. Registration:
SignUp4 users can create a kiosk and set it up on a public computer or mobile device with a link right to their registration form. This  allows attendees to walk up and register all on their own!

2. Attendee Check-In:
Create a quick check-in function to allow your attendees to change their “attended” status. Even better, have event staff pull up the kiosk on a mobile device and check people in “en queue” so they don’t even have to wait!

3. Set-Up A Print Station:
Using the public kiosk tool you can create a print station where attendees can print out name badges after they check-in, all on their own. The print kiosk can send the name badge file to a local printer automatically.

4. Use Custom URLs:
The custom URL function allows you to set up a kiosk choice linking to any site you want. The site will be displayed on the kiosk inside of a branded frame, keeping the kiosk viewer “inside” of your custom branded kiosk.

As with most of the Event Management System, there are endless features. Be creative! And as always, if you need any suggestions or ideas feel free to log in to the User Community or contact Client Services.