IMG_6600As this year’s event wrapped, it is obvious that there is no place like home for IMEX America. IMEX Group Chairman, Ray Bloom, looked ahead to 2014 by stating: “This has clearly been another year of significant growth. The new facilities and the new halls we now occupy here at the Sands Expo have proved a huge asset in supporting the show’s expansion, and allowing us to deliver strong business, networking and educational events here this week. We look forward to returning here for many years to come. There can be no better home for IMEX America,” – Travel Daily News

Among those in attendance, were our own: Mark Hubrich, Missy Fusco, and Brandon Gelatka. We asked them some of their most memorable experiences from the event and here was what they had to say:

Q: From the planner turned exhibitor perspective, what were some key takeaways from IMEX 2013:

“I heard a lot of positive feedback about the sessions.  I thought the pre-set appointments worked well. I was apprehensive about it initially, but it seemed to work very well. For the most part, everyone showed up for them appointments. If they had to miss it for some reason, they would stop back by. I think we only had one or two no-shows.

Several of the big booths did some cocktail receptions after the event but at their booth space, which was good because they could spill over into the rows. For example the Irish booth had Irish dancers and musicians. The German booth had beer and soft pretzels and stuff like that. I thought that overall the show was very well done.”

– Missy Fusco, CMM, CCTE and Director of Training at SignUp4

su4atimexQ: How important is the mobile app aspect to an event like IMEX 2013?

“For us, having our own personal app gives us some credibility on what it is we do every day. Having something that we can drive people to giving them a raw example of what technologies we’re offering our clients is first and foremost. Having that as a quick demonstration point highlighting the newest features in our app, are all really positive things for us.

The official IMEX App was a great resource! QuickMobile did a great job on that, and they were right across the way from us so it was nice to chat with them.

We were in technology row and got to hear some of the great thought leaders around apps, such as gamification and analytics. It’s extremely important to understand what type of adoption you’re having with your event app and using analytics to properly improve each app from event to event.

Overall, it’s exciting to see where the industry is going on the app and technology forefront.”

– Brandon Gelatka, Senior Sales Executive at RappidApp

Q: Why is IMEX such a big event for us?

“GBTA is our second most strategic event of the year because we focus so much on travel, but I would definitely say that IMEX is THE biggest event for us all year long.

From an exhibiting perspective, it really provides us with the most prospects and the ability to meet with the most clients. The first two days were extremely busy for us; I think we had 50+ appointments.

There are just a lot of great opportunities we experience from this event year after year.  This conference gives us, as technology providers, the opportunity to listen to the planners and further understand their growing needs as well as receive feedback from our customers so we can continue to modify our solutions to better fit the industry’s demands.”

– Mark Hubrich, co-founder and VP of Industry Relations