Event Survey Best Practices

Surveys are an important part of your event strategy. In addition to helping us gain effective insights from participants, they can also help shape future programs successfully. Surveys have many potential uses for events and can be used at every phase.


  • Discovery – If you are just beginning to explore event ideas and themes, a discovery survey can be a great tool to steer program planning in the right direction. Use this to find out which topics resonate with them the most by asking them which sessions they might like to attend.


  • Engagement – Do a pulse check during events using interactive polls and quizzes to keep the engagement and excitement going. Try this using opinion polls, session quizzes, or trivia questions.


  • Feedback – Once the event wraps, ask attendees to provide feedback which allows you to gauge program success. Brevity is key when it comes to these types of surveys, but you still want to make sure to cover your bases. Try to keep this one under twenty questions including:
    • Demographics
    • Satisfaction
    • Registration
    • Communication
    • Logistics
    • Content
    • Speakers
    • Transportation
    • Concessions
    • Event staff
    • Suggestions for improvement

*Don’t forget to ask your sponsors!

Survey Best Practices

  1. Ask questions with fixed answers when possible. Don’t ask too many open-ended questions.
  2. Avoid asking hypothetical questions like, “what would you do if…” Try to be more direct and to-the-point.
  3. Be aware of timing. A post-event survey immediately following the event may not have a high response rate.

The feedback gained from these surveys should be the driving force for each new program allowing you to achieve unparalleled event success time and time again.

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