super bowl 2013With the upcoming Superbowl of the Baltimore Ravens vs. the San Francisco 49ers this weekend, it reminds me how some of our clients have used our technology in creative ways to plan audience engagement events with the NFL fanbase. Enterprising agencies have used our technology to plan high end fan packages surrounding the Super bowl. These packages highlight many of the areas a successful planner manages in regards to event management software:

  • a chartered flight(air travel)
  •  securing a hotel block in the host city(hotel)
  • specialized ground transportation with limos or chartered shuttles(ground transportation)
  • a block of tickets to the game(ticketing)
  • a host of pre and post game parties(special activities)
  • event marketing(invitations and package sales)

All of these items are usually hard to manage for the average fan who may not know much information about the host city. Anyone can book a hotel on Orbitz or Priceline but they may not be in a premium hotel close to the Bourbon Street and the planned entertainment and activities for their team. The real enticement of these packages is that it is always more thrilling to be traveling with other fans and in the middle of the action for the team.

Because of key features of SignUp4’s Event Management System, it is very easy to manage the logistics surrounding all of the areas to create a successful experience. Building a customized website with graphics supporting the team assists in marketing the event package. Creating dynamic content pages highlighting all of the activities and information surrounding the event, from agenda, transportation, and hotel information. Capturing registrant information, setting event limits, as well as payment processing on a request form is quick and easy to do with our Event Management System. Emailing and tracking event invitations to the fanbase highlighting the package available to the fans. Managing the negotiating hotel block in the system is definitely important to keep from overselling the block. I don’t know a single event manager who enjoys dealing with an oversold hotel block and the angry attendees who are pressing for the room that they pre-paid weeks earlier.

These are just a few of the areas surrounding a successful audience engagement event whether it is for the Super bowl or another sport. By using technology that streamlines the process, event planners can focus on the hundred other details that are necessary to produce a worthy engagement that satisfies the sports fan leaving them looking forward to the next event.