SignUp4 provides innovative meetings management software for corporate event, travel and procurement professionals. From conception to ROI, SignUp4’s technology increases visibility, provides compliance, and streamlines processes. This robust functionality, paired with unparalleled pricing, makes SignUp4 the industry leader.

Powerful event management, online registration, & survey software for branded, memorable events.

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Attendee travel booking and instant PNR matching for accurate and up-to-the-minute travel logistics and reporting.

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Customized strategic meetings management solution from workflows and budgets to reconciliation.Learn More
Unparalleled communication, networking, engagement, and attendee experiences right in their pockets.Learn More
SignUp4 Named a CMP Preferred Provider
SignUp4, a leading event management software provider, has worked directly with the Convention Industry Council (CIC) over the years to bring continuing education credits to the Certified Meeting Planner industry. SignUp4 hosts thought leader webinars on trending topics and best practices bringing in leading experts to share their knowledge with the event professional industry. The sessions are available to anyone seeking to earn credits toward their CMP and are offered at no cost.

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In this eBook, you’ll discover effective ways to leverage event technology to your advantage. Step-by-step, the following pages will lead you through a communications and planning process that helps to establish your expertise, earns your audience’s confidence, and positions your service as a strategic resource. Packed with tips, practical advice, and real-life examples, the SignUp4’s 2015 Meeting & Event Trends eBook will show you how to generate memorable, tech-enabled experiences that are also effective.

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It’s time for a change, but you have a choice. Stick to the familiar basics of managing travel, or employ new tools and strategies? By adapting to changing technologies and evolving traveler needs, program managers are controlling corporate spend while improving program compliance. If you’d like to be able to shape future programs successfully and gain a competitive advantage, then read on. Introducing the Made To Save: How To Make The Most Out Of Meeting Travel Management whitepaper.

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Complete Event Management

You’re responsible for managing your organization’s meetings, user conferences, incentive trips, tradeshows, surveys, and more. We understand you’re more than an event planner; you are required to be an expert in everything from A/V, F&B, T&E and a long list of acronyms for which greatly affect your bottom line. At SignUp4 we strive to bring you reliable meeting technology that goes beyond just event planning software. We want to ensure you’re empowered with tools to manage events, travel, spend and mobile in the most efficient way possible.

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We know that if you manage events with over 1,000 attendees combined for the year, we are the best solution.
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